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12/15/94  dsql patch 02

This patch primarily fixes bugs and improves protability.  It also changes
the api to Informix for Informix esql revs greater than 4.xx.  Set the
InformixRelease in informix.c.  The default is 6.

Since the original release we have done local ports to Solaris and DEC alpha.
That code has been merged here.  I understand the server has been ported to
AU/X, HP/UX and Irix but i have gotten no diffs and don't claim this code will 
port to those systems without change.

The only code patched is in the dsql server.  Put the patch file in the
srvr directory and execute this command:
	patch < dsql.patch.02

Bugs fixed:
	can't overwrite a file under some conditions.
	check DCURSOR pointers before free() in informix.c.
	explicit formal parameters.
	backup problem in unreadchar().
	allow quotations in CHDIR for path.  macs use spaces in paths.

	include files and functions for sun.
	POSIX signal interface.
	switch on InformixRelease in informix.c.

David Mischel
Scientific Computing Technology Development
Genentech, Inc.

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