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Thank you for your enquiry about obtaining our UNIMOL suite by
email. That can be done using FTP.

To run the program suite, you will also need the manual, which
is some 30 pages in length. This manual can also be sent to you
electronically, most easily as a Macintosh binhex file which can
then be printed out.

Note also that the program and manual make frequent reference to
our text, "Theory of unimolecular and recombination reactions".
R.G. Gilbert and S.C. Smith. Blackwell Scientific Publications,
Oxford and Cambridge Mass., 1990. Users have found having access
to this text makes the program much easier to understand.

To access UNIMOL programs and sample data files:

ftp to as ftp or anonymous
Change Directory to /pub/unimol
copy all of the files in this directory.

This contains the program file. The subdirectory doc contains the
documentation, both as a Macintosh BinHex file or as an RTF ("rich-text
format") file which can be
read into any word processor. These are available as manual.hqx and manual.rtf

For further details, email

Robert G Gilbert

Professor Robert G Gilbert
Sydney University Polymer centre
Chemistry School,
Sydney University. NSW 2006 Australia
phone: 61-2-351 3366. fax: 61-2-351 3329

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