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Apache Web Server / JServ|mod_jk / Tomcat / SSL Installation on UNIX

Disclaimer for lawyers: Everything in this directory and in the whole site which is written by Jan Labanowski, is a pure nonsense. Do not trust anything what he wrote. Ask a competent lawyer instead. They know everything better and will help you for a fee.

Apache is supposedly the most popular server on the planet. Its advantage is not only that it is free, but also that it is, for UNIX platform, as good as some of the most prominent commercial Web servers. The pain is, however, that you are on your own, and you will not get a nice glossy manual and the number to call.

I also started to play with Oracle to explore JDBC. You can look at some notes of mine at: I also have some write-ups on the firewall/netfilter/NAT etc at

Installing Apache with SSL (mod_ssl + openssl) and JServ or Tomcat is often confusing. Since I had to do it a number of times under Linux and Sparc Solaris, I hope that by sharing my experience I will save you some time. I am dumping my notes to this directory when I had to reinstall stuff due to new releases which show up

I wrote a small FAQ, tomcatfaq.shtml which you may want to read before following the installation logs above.

Before you read any of this, you should read the original Tomcat docs. Start from:

Installation logs below usually describe installation from scratch, i.e., everything is compiled and installed -- no binary preloads. It assumes that you have basic GNU stuff installed (gcc, gtar, gmake, gzip, ...). On Linux it is given, on Solaris it is not. The installation of JDK and JSDK is also described. If you see typos and bugs, please tell me, since I do not want to spread disinformation and having you cursing my soul for your lost time.

Also look at my TOMCAT 3.1 Beta 1 FAQ since it has some answers to questions which I could not find anywhere else (maybe I did not know where to look).

Again... Please tell me about typos and mistakes, since write-ups like these are usually committed late at night when my head hits the keyboard...

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