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Installing latex2html on Sparc/Solaris I went to: First, clicked on "Documentation" Here are some pointers to LaTeX2HTML documentation: The official manual provided by the primary LATEX2HTML author, Ross Moore Installation hints for the OS/2 platform, courtesty of Uli Wortmann Clicked on: and then on "A Postscript version available" (which is: and downloaded it. Keep it, and print it later. The installation instructions in the PostScript manual do not refer to the version which you have, so you do not have to read it right away. Then I revisited the page: and clicked on "Download", which got me to: And chosen the latest file dated: latex2html-99.2beta6.tar.gz 14-Apr-2000 07:15 1.0M i.e., the URL ls I am providing these two files here latex2html-99.2beta6.tar.gz but check the original sites above, since they may have a later version. I created the /usr/local/l2h directory and copied the files there. Then I changed ownership of this directory to myself, as ordinary user. chown -R jkl /usr/local/l2h chgrp -R appl /usr/local/l2h I then unpacked the tar archive: gtar zxvf latex2html-99.2beta6.tar.gz I carefully read the INSTALL file: /usr/local/l2h/latex2html-99.2beta6/INSTALL I tried first where are my executables for gs, latex, which ps /usr/local/bin/gs which latex I edited the file in
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