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From:  shepard \\at// (Ron Shepard)
Date:  Sun, 2 Feb 92 23:30:15 CST
Subject:  Survey for a COLUMBUS Users' Group Meeting

From:  Daniel Glossman <glossman<;at;>>
Date:  Mon, 3 Feb 1992 13:14:15 UTC+0100
Subject:  Enrico Clementi's address

From:  balbes &$at$& (Lisa Balbes)
Date:  Mon, 3 Feb 92 14:14:26 EST
Subject:  Guide to Rational Drug Design, version 2.0

From:  shepard-: at (Ron Shepard)
Date:  Mon, 3 Feb 92 14:56:37 CST
Subject:  NATO ASI Announcement

From:  jyl $#at#$ (Jacob Levy)
Date:  Mon, 3 Feb 92 16:08:22 PST
Subject:  Contact with Dr. E.J. Corey's lab at Harvard