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From:  <YQIN()at()>
Date:  Mon, 28 Feb 94 22:46 CST
Subject:  How can I get the coffecients of Slater determinant from MP2

From:  Adrian Lewis <adrian -AatT->
Date:  Tue, 1 Mar 1994 17:21:22 +1100
Subject:  Salinity/Conductivity/Density of natural waters

From:  nmueller -x- at -x- (Norbert Mueller)
Date:  Tue, 1 Mar 1994 12:57:54 +0100
Subject:  Q: MM2/3 and hetero-PI-systems

From:  smb (Steven Bachrach)
Date:  Tue, 1 Mar 94 10:41:18 -0600
Subject:  Administrator of the Buckyball database?

From:  "Holly G. Hash" <hhash ^at^>
Date:  Tue, 1 Mar 94 20:52:00 EST
Subject:  Chem in Ed