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From:  Ferenc Csizmadia <fcsiz\a/>
Date:  Fri Aug 26 11:20:20 2005
Subject:  CCL: Software convert 3D structure .sd file to 2D structure

From:  Stan van Gisbergen <vangisbergen]*[>
Date:  Fri Aug 26 11:10:34 2005
Subject:  CCL: Density Functional Package ADF2005 Released

From:  Kirk Peterson <kipeters*_*>
Date:  Fri Aug 26 12:59:02 2005
Subject:  CCL: G03 ECP silver atoms

From:  George Fitzgerald <gxf|-|>
Date:  Fri Aug 26 12:58:42 2005
Subject:  CCL: Castep-PDOS

Date:  Fri Aug 26 12:59:25 2005
Subject:  CCL: CCL question about limitations of PCM

From:  Aaron Deskins <>
Date:  Fri Aug 26 16:25:22 2005
Subject:  CCL: Molecular dynamics w/ 2D PBC

From:  "Zhixiang Wang" <zxwang]"[>
Date:  Fri, 26 Aug 2005 09:15:10 -0700 (PDT)
Subject:  atom types in opls-aa