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Please read it. It may save you some time when you work with the actual Web submission forms.


When you submit the job via web form, you can use an entry that allows you to pick up the date when job will be removed from listing (up to six months). Default is 3 months.


There are two ways in which you can submit the job announcement to CCL:

  • You can send us a job announcement via e-mail to or alternatively use the form that sends mail to us. This requires us to edit and format your announcement before placing it on the Web. The price for this service is 225 US Dollars.
  • You can place the job yourself using our Web interface and save 75 USD. Since you do most of the work, the price for self-serve job announcements placement is 150 US Dollars.


Once the job is placed on the CCL Job Page you will receive the invoice/quotation for the service by email as PDF attachment. The invoice will explain payment options. You can pay with a credit card (V/M/A) over the Web, by check or by bank transfer.


Using Web Interface to submit your job will allow you to have a job posted in minutes. If you decide to send e-mail to, it will take a few days, since we have to review your submission, edit it and make sure that it is authentic. The steps for both methods are, however, similar. We encourage you to use the Web Interface and we will be grateful for your comments and suggestions to streamline it as much as possible. The process consists of few steps:

  1. Entering text for your announcement and your contact information.
  2. Correcting the text if needed.
  3. Accepting the edited text of job announcement and confirmation of your e-mail address.
  4. Linking the page that you created to the CCL Job Index Page to make it available to the public.
  5. Reviewing your invoice for the service provided by CCL.
  6. Paying for the job advertising.

Make sure to provide enough details in your job description and be specific as to requirements so you do not get too many stray applications. There is no space limitation for this service, though obviously no one will read a book. Being forthcoming about the salary, vacations, and benefits is often helpful. A link to the organizational Web site may also encourage the applicants to seriously think if this is the position that they are looking for. This may encourage them to craft their applications for the specific job rather than sending a standard packet. It is always good to include a sentence or two about the area, neighborhood and work environment. For some people it is the essential element in their carrier planning.

You will find the details of the process explained below

  1. Entering text:. The first form of the Web Interface will ask you to provide your Name, E-mail address, Ordering and Billing Address, one-line title for the job, job description and instruction for applying. You can use the HTML format (by enclosing JOB DESCRIPTION and HOW TO APPLY portions in <html> ... </html> tags) but we encourage you to use plain text, since it is simpler to edit and easier to search / view / print for prospective candidates. Providing e-mail address for sending application (or link to a Web based application form) in the text of the ad will increase number of applicants. You need to pay attention to line breaks. When copying/pasting from a word processors, the paragraphs in your posting will be usually represented by a VERY LONG single line:

    You will need to chop such lines by clicking on the space close to the right margin and then hitting [Enter]. Readjust spacing by deleting spurious spaces (with [Del] or [Backspace]) or by inserting it in places selected with a mouse click. You can make a dry run and see an example by clicking on the Exercise Page.
  2. Correcting submission: After entering the information, you will be directed to the page that shows how your job ad page will actually look on the Web. You will have three choices:
          -- Correct it
          -- Accept it
          -- Delete it
    You can do as many cycles of revisions as you wish, but you need to finish within 2 (two) days. The temporary files are removed from the server periodically and once they are gone, you would have to start from scratch.
  3. Accepting final version and address verification: Once you Accept the page, the software will send an email to your address. This will verify that your e-mail address is correct and authentic. This is an essential step and if you did not provide a valid e-mail address, you would not be able to continue,
  4. Linking your page to Job index: The email message that you receive after accepting your page provides you with a "Password"  that allows you to link your page to the main CCL Job Index Page. The password is actually the invoice number and is a part of the link that will take you to a specific page. This information is only available to the owner of the e-mail account. If a wrong or phony address was entered, the message would not be delivered. And without this message, the page cannot be linked to the main index, therefore, will stay invisible for general public. The instructions on how to link your job announcement to the index will be provided in the e-mail that you receive (you will need to click on a link or paste it in your browser).
  5. Reviewing your invoice: After your page is linked by you, an invoice for 150 US Dollars is automatically created as a PDF file. You should view the invoice on the Web page and print it or save it. An e-mail message with a link to invoice will be also sent to you. The invoice provides you with details about payment methods (Credit Card, Check or Bank Transfer). You can pay instantly with your company Credit Card via Web. If you prefer check or bank transfer, the bank, mailing address and account name/number are listed in the invoice.
  7. Paying for this service: Once you pay for the CCL Job Advertising Service, the receipt will be created for your accounting needs. If you pay with a credit card, you will receive the link to the PDF receipt and e-mail from our Credit Card Processor, Authorize.Net. We do not store credit card numbers on CCL computers for security and legal reasons. The payment information is forwarded through secure (SSL) connection directly to the credit card bureau, as is typical for Internet transactions. If you pay with a check or a bank transfer, we will mail you the receipt by 1st Class Mail, and you will also receive email with the link to PDF file.
    We, like all other vendors in the US, are responsible for paying required sales taxes on your purchase. We will not, however, charge you for sales tax. If you are outside Ohio, this is not a problem, since there is no sales tax. If you are inside the state of Ohio, each of its 88 counties has in principle a different sales tax depending on customer location. It is probably easier to manually figure out sales tax for Ohio at no cost to Ohio customers than to install costly software needed to figure out the tax based on your address. Moreover, since non-profit organizations advertise often on this list, it may be easier to pay the sales tax than to create documentation needed to exempt it for Ohio non-profit institutions at this time.

Thank you for your support of CCL. The CCL Job Service is a very successful way of contacting potential candidates from all over the world. We saw many examples when the advertised position was filled within days. By supporting this service you also support international community of professionals. Everyone associated with the venerable CCL.NET (est. 1991) understands that it needs a lot of work to maintain and develop, and that hardware, software and Internet connectivity does not come free or cheap. CCL.NET is an independent Limited Liability Company (LLC) registered in Ohio under the name: Computational Chemistry List, Ltd. There is no parent organization, no housing University or a Society. CCL has to pay all its bills itself.
But we do not ask for a hand-out. As every manager knows, money spent on selecting a good candidate will return many-folds over. You will also spend money wisely by using this service (compare what other generic services charge). Moreover, it will bring good publicity to your organization and group. The CCL Job List is scanned by all major Internet search engines. Links placed in your job page will be traversed and will find their way to Googles and the likes. This will help in publicizing your job announcement, your organization and your group Web site. There is never too much of good publicity...
We would appreciate your comments about this service, so we can constantly improve it and make easier to use.

CCL Job Advertising Service

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