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Version 3.5 of gnuplot is now available at the official
repositories listed below.  It is available both as a compressed
tar file, gnuplot3.5.tar.Z, and a shar file of diffs for patch,

This is a bugfix mod intended to correct some but not all
of the problems with version 3.4.  A summary of the mods are
listed at the end of this file.  We have included an experimental
autoconfigure script.  However, we strongly encourage you to
use makefile.unx or the intended for you configuration.
In particular, you must use makefile.g if you are using the GRASS
GIS system.

This release marks the end of my tenure as the coordinator of the
gnuplot effort.  I have learned a great deal with this effort and
you and I should both appreciate the contributions for all the
volunteers who have worked on gnuplot and tried to make it better.

Alexander Lehmann has graciously volunteered to coordinate the
next release with contributions from Lars Henke, Rick Stroebel 
and many others.  New contributions should be sent

Alex Woo	September 1993

                   Where to get updates to GNUPLOT

Congratulations on getting this version of GNUPLOT! Unfortunately, it
may not be the most recent version ("you never know where this version
has been!"). You can be sure that it IS the most recent version by
checking one of the official distribution sites, guaranteed to be kept
up to date (of course, if you got this file from one of those sites,
you don't need to check!).

To hear automatically about future releases (and other GNUPLOT news),
read the newsgroup Failing that, send mail to to get on the (equivalent) mailing

At the time of this writing, the following are the official
distribution sites and transfer instructions. Note that is NOT an official site, and may not be up to date.
Also, comp.sources.misc is usually a month or so behind us.

Date: Fri Aug 27 05:21:33 GMT 1993

Version: 3.5

In general, GNUPLOT 3.5 is available as the file gnuplot3.5.tar.Z.
There will patches to bring 3.4 to 3.5 as well called gp34to35.shar.Z.
(Version 3.3 was skipped because of possible confusion
with the numerous BETA releases.)  It will be made available to simtel20 
and its mirrors in ZIP format, along with a DOS, MS-Windows 3.1 and
OS/2 2.0 executables.

Also, some sites will have which contains
PostScript versions of the manuals and tutorials.

Please obtain gnuplot from the site
nearest you.

USENET users:

    GNUPLOT 3.5 will posted to comp.sources.misc.


     Anonymous ftp to (
     in binary mode.

     Users without ftp capability can obtain it through a mail ftp
     server. Send a mail message saying 'help' to for instructions. For a uuencoded
     copy of the gnuplot sources (compressed tar file), send this
     message to
         CD pub/gnuplot
         GET gnuplot3.5.tar.Z


     Anonymous ftp to (
     Fetch pub/gnuplot3.5.tar.Z in binary mode.


     Anonymous ftp to (
     Fetch pub/gnuplot3.5.tar.Z in binary mode.


     DISCLAIMER - This product is not related in any way to
     Pixar or any other commercial venture.


# $Id: makefile.r%v 1993/08/27 05:21:33 woo Exp woo $
# V. Khera's fig patch
# Added  to help.c and added support routines to binary.c
# Rewrote print_3dtable
# V. Broman sun_mgr driver
# R. Lang fix to MS-Windows print driver
# R. Lang mod to change location of plot in hppj.trm
# Fix using n bug, configure 1.3
# Fix timedate location for splot and plot + CONFIGURE ROUTINE
# More mods for SOLARIS 2.2 using gcc
# Fix impulse plot style if logscale y
# Fix epsviewe.m 
# Solaris mods to sun_x11 and gplt_x11.c
# fix of replot of replot bug
# fix of splot notitle bug
# Baseline version 3.5 version
# Added dgrid3d save to misc.c and updated titlepages
# Added dgrid3d save to misc.c and updated titlepages
# A. Lehmann cleanup of 3_5b1
# New 0FAQ and AXPVMS fix to gplt_x11.c
# A. Reeh fix for monochrome X11 under VMS
# New version of GRASS makefile
# T. Collins changes to Latex line types
# A. Lehmann fix for hpux internal.c
# Fix to flash graphics, rosenbrock function in contours.dem
# Yehavi fixes for AXPVMS
# Reordered latex line types -- lighter default line
# R. Shouman fix of blank title induced linetype bug
# P. Egghart check on PLOSS for matherr and pass MY_FLAGS to subdirectories
# Okidata driver and time_t for sun386 mod
# J. Abbey fixes for Alliant
# Fix for 3d clipping bug
# O. Franksson MIF mod for vertical text and better char size
# Linux fixes
# V. Khera non-interactive stderr fix
# splot fix for x & y tics and labels

============== Known BUGS =========================================
1. The hidden line algorithm is not perfect.  The back of the object
can bleed through to the front.  We should put in a option of not
drawing the back at all.

2. The list of available devices is often longer than the length of
a screen.  This output should be sent through a pager.

3. On some devices, such as X11, there can only be one active plotting

4. In the Atari version, windows are not currently supported.  This
means gnuplot 3.5 will not run with MultiAES.  We hope to correct
this shortly in gpcontrb.tar.z.

5. "scatter.dem" fails with the SUN and AIX C compilers.  It works
with gcc on SUN SPARC's.

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