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Welcome to GNUFIT - an extension to GNUPLOT

Version 1.2

gnuplot has been widely established as a powerful tool to do data and
function plots. For the scientific use one additionally often needs
a nonlinear least squares fitting procedure to combine a model function
to measured data. This is introduced by GNUFIT. GNUFIT is a real extension
of GNUPLOT that means, it covers all features of GNUPLOT and adds some new

GNUFIT incorporates a nonlinear least squares fit mechanism into GNUPLOT. The
fit uses the Marquardt-Levenberg-algorithm for fitting and the GNUPLOT
function evaluation mechanism for calculation. Thus it remains relatively
small. It offers all advantages of fitting every rather complex-formulated
function you can create with GNUPLOT (including complex calculation).

GNUFIT is available as follows:

    gnufit12.tar.gz 	All new sources and diff's against gnuplot3.4 and
			gnuplot3.5, readmes, demos and installation hints
			needed to compile and run GNUFIT on your machine,
			provided that you already have the original
			gnuplot sources.	DOS executables 

The files may be downloaded by anonymous ftp from

GNUFIT has been successfully tested and compiled on the following
operating systems:

    DOS (MSC 6.0), OS/2, SunOS, HPUX, IBM/RS6000, DEC Ultrix, DG/UX, LINUX

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