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Version 3.5 of gnuplot is available at the official repositories
listed below.  It is available both as a compressed tar file,
gnuplot3.5.tar.Z, and a shar file of diffs for patch, gp34to35.shar.Z.

This is a bugfix mod intended to correct some but not all of the
problems with version 3.4.  A summary of the mods are listed at the
end of this file.  We have included an experimental autoconfigure
script.  However, we strongly encourage you to use makefile.unx or the intended for you configuration.  In particular, you must
use makefile.g if you are using the GRASS GIS system.

At the time of this writing, the following are the official
distribution sites and transfer instructions. Note that is NOT an official site, and may not be up to date.
Also, comp.sources.misc is usually a month or so behind us.

Date: Fri Aug 27 05:21:33 GMT 1993

[Note: 3/29/95: Beta testing for 3.6 is about to begin.  You can obtain
a beta test version of gnuplot 3.6 via ftp to]

Version: 3.5

In general, GNUPLOT 3.5 is available as the file gnuplot3.5.tar.Z.
There will patches to bring 3.4 to 3.5 as well called gp34to35.shar.Z.
(Version 3.3 was skipped because of possible confusion
with the numerous BETA releases.)  It will be made available to simtel20 
and its mirrors in ZIP format, along with a DOS, MS-Windows 3.1 and
OS/2 2.0 executables.

Also, some sites will have which contains
PostScript versions of the manuals and tutorials.

Please obtain gnuplot from the site
nearest you.

USENET users:

    GNUPLOT 3.5 will posted to comp.sources.misc.


     Anonymous ftp to (
     in binary mode.

     Users without ftp capability can obtain it through a mail ftp
     server. Send a mail message saying 'help' to for instructions. For a uuencoded copy 
     of the the gnuplot sources (compressed tar file), send this as
     the body of a message to
	cd pub/gnuplot
	mode binary
	get gnuplot3.5.tar.Z
     If you have some problem, you might need to stick 
     before all the above.


     Anonymous ftp to (
     Fetch pub/gnuplot3.5.tar.Z in binary mode.


     Anonymous ftp to (
     Fetch pub/gnuplot3.5.tar.Z in binary mode.
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