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PrintGL is a shareware pen plotter emulator for IBM/DOS systems.

PrintGL prints an HP-GL (Hewlett-Packard Graphics Language - HP 7475 subset)
plotfile on a matrix printer. HP-GL is widely supported by graphics programs
including AutoCAD, Generic CADD, MathCAD, SAS, MICROCADAM, Schema, and many
more. PrintGL has native mode drivers for Epson, IBM, and NEC compatible 9 and
24 pin dot matrix printers, HP Laserjet, Deskjet, PaintJet, and QuietJet, IBM
ExecJet, Quietwriter 2 and 3, and LaserPrinter, Canon LBP and BJ printers, and
PostScript printers. It will also display plots with a CGA, EGA, VGA, enhanced
VGA, or HGC, output a ZSoft .PCX or GEM .IMG file, and plot on an HP 7440 or
better plotter.

Even if your graphics program supports your printer, you may find that PrintGL
gives better print quality. PrintGL uses the best graphics modes available for
each printer that it supports. If you need printed graphics output from
personal software, you can output HP-GL and use PrintGL to do the printing.
This gives immediate support to a wide range of printers. And it lets you use
the HP 7475 command set while still supporting lower function plotters.

PrintGL Menu Interface (PMI), included with PrintGL, gives you easy access to
PrintGL's options.

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