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PrintGL (including PrintGL Menu Interface) is provided as is. There are no
warranties expressed or implied.

PrintGL is distributed as shareware. You may use PrintGL without charge on a
trial basis to determine its suitability for you. If you continue to use it
after your evaluation, a $40 registration is requested. This registration
covers use by a single person (on multiple computers) or installation on a
single computer (may be used by a group of people). There is no cost to use a
later 1.** version after registering any 1.** version.

You may distribute PrintGL as a stand alone product if you keep the entire
package together, unchanged, and do not charge more than $10. You may not
distribute PrintGL as part of another software package.

To register PrintGL, send your name, address, and $40 check, and specify
PrintGL 1.15, to:

  Ravitz Software Inc.   /   P. O. Box 25068   /   Lexington, KY  40524-5068

You will be sent a current manual and disk (specify 3 1/2 or 5 1/4). Registered
PrintGL users may send $15 to get a current manual and disk.
*** This is a test version, the current version is still 1.14 *****************

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