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PRINTGL.EXE  program                          PRINTGL.DOC  documentation
PMI.EXE      menu interface program           CHARSET.PLT  HP-GL character sets
SAMPLE.PLT   sample plotfile                  README.*     quick information

To install PrintGL, copy the distribution files to your working disk.

PRINTGL.EXE is a stand alone executable file.

PMI.EXE is the executable file for PrintGL Menu Interface. PMI needs to be able
to find itself (PMI.EXE) and PRINTGL.EXE, so both of these files should be in a
directory that is in your DOS PATH.

PRINTGL.DOC is the documentation. You can print it with "COPY PRINTGL.DOC PRN"
(39 pages). The HP-GL character set may be printed with "PRINTGL CHARSET.PLT
/M1 /AO0,0" and a /F option for your printer, and inserted in the manual.

SAMPLE.PLT is a sample plotfile that you can print or display with PrintGL. It
uses 6 pens so that you can test the pen color, width, and shading options.

The README.* files are not needed to run PrintGL, but they must accompany the
rest of the files if you distribute the package.

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