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From Fri Mar  7 14:35:00 EST 1997
Date: Fri, 7 Mar 1997 10:50:28 -0800
From: (Ton van Daelen)
Message-Id: <>
Subject: 97.04.14 ACS seminar on Cerius2 software developer's kit

To all software developers out there...

Molecular Simulations is organizing a seminar on the 
Cerius2 Software Developer's Kit. The seminar is free 
of charge, but please sign up soon as space is limited.

With best regards - Ton van Daelen


Cerius2 Software Developer's Kit Seminar
ACS San Francisco
Rm 276, Moscone Convention Center
9:00am-11:00am, April 14, 1997

 During the ACS meeting in San Francisco
 MSI is organizing a seminar on the Cerius2
 software developer's toolkit (C2.SDK).
 C2.SDK allows you to plug your own
 chemistry applications into MSI's Cerius2
 modeling environment. You can link in
 existing software or develop entirely new
 applications. You concentrate on the
 scientific side of your program and C2.SDK
 takes care of the molecular graphics, window
 management, and data visualization.

 C2.SDK is used to develop scientific
 applications that solve research problems in
 fields including polymer science, rational
 drug design, combinatorial chemistry,
 catalysis, chemical reactions, and protein
 chemistry. The C2.SDK toolkit consists of a
 rich API set dealing with all aspects of
 interfacing chemistry codes, including GUI
 design, structure visualization, graphing, and
 volumetric display. Applications can be
 written in FORTRAN, C, or C++.

 The seminar will also discuss imminent SDK
 extensions that allow you to run applications
 through the internet, or an intranet, from a
 web browser interface on your desktop
 computer (PC, or MAC).

 In addition, we will demonstrate the use of
 C2.Tcl, the scripting language for the Cerius2
 interface, for simple customization of routine
 modeling operations. C2.Tcl is based on the
 standard tcl scripting language, it lets you put
 together a simple application with its own
 graphical user interface in a matter of
 minutes. C2.Tcl aids in all aspects of
 molecular modeling, in particular in drug
 design and protein analysis.

 For more information about C2.SDK and C2.Tcl:

 The seminar is offered free of charge.
 Because space is limited, attendance is by
 registration only. The deadline for
 advanced registration is April 7. You can
 sign up at the following URL:

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